The School Participatory Budget
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
30-06-2022 - 30-06-2022
in progress
Project cost:
20 700 EUR
20 700 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, civic participation
Target groups:
children, teachers

Research from the Centre for Public Opinion Research points to a low level of civic engagement among the rural populations. Fifty two percent of small towns and villages citizens declares they are not interested in politics or pay minimal attention to it. We know from experience that engaging children and collaboration with local schools can positively influence the entire community, reaching both parents and teachers. These initiatives teach the youngest generations how to be active civically from the early age.

We would like to address the low civic engagement among the citizens of Brzeski and Bocheński districts (Małopolskie Voivodeship) by implementing a School Participatory Budget in three rural primary schools. We picked schools from three different municipalities to promote the participatory budget method across a larger and more diversified area. For each of the schools we will put together a work team composed of the representatives for the students, the school faculty, and parents, as well as design general rules guiding the organization of the School Participatory Budget. Next, we will promote the method, collect the ideas for projects and have a vote. Finally, we will implement the projects selected by the participants.

Our partners are the three primary schools interested in the implementation of the School Participatory Budget: Rotmistrz Witold Pilecki Primary School in Jodłówka, Jan Paweł II and Cardinal Wyszynński Primary School No.2 in Jadowniki, and Henryk Sienkiewicz Municipal Schools in Bogucice.

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