Time for the Seniors! Gdynia Mutual Support Network
empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
28-02-2022 - 28-02-2022
in progress
Project cost:
26 808 EUR
26 808 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, self-organization / self-help, psychological support
Target groups:

People aged 60+ make up as much as 29% of residents of Gdynia (Polish Statistical Office Local Data Base 2019). According to studies conducted by the Mali Bracia Ubogich Association in 2018, loneliness is one of the major problems. Senior citizens live in single-generation households, and one third of them live alone. They spend their time in a passive manner, and become fearful, feel they are not needed, suffer from boredom, and withdraw from community life. This situation requires action to activate seniors, putting their potential to use and making them more self-reliant.
The project addresses the needs of senior citizens in Gdynia with respect to integration with their own age group and across generations, being open to the needs of others, being more active and motivated to act for the good of the community, and improving their self-esteem. The measures are intended to create a permanent system of senior community cooperation, based on their skills, knowledge, and experience.
We will offer seniors development classes: two psychological workshops and ten computer skills workshops. We provide one-on-one psychological aid and assistance from volunteer in use of new technologies. We will run a “Personal Development Group”. “Plan, Organize, and Act” workshops will result with the “Exchange Festival” and “Mini Initiative” own projects, which seniors will implement with support from volunteers in their communities. Online meetings will be held with councilors and representatives of municipal bodies. Six “Exchange Festivals” will be organized to integrate all of the participants.
30 people aged 60+ from Gdynia will take part in the project, with support from young volunteers.
The benefits of the measures taken will be increased social activity, better new technologies skills, more organization of events and management of projects, expansion of the community support network, greater self-esteem, and a sense of agency a minimum of 23 participants in the project.

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