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civic sector development
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10-03-2021 - 30-04-2023
in progress
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144 000,00 EUR
144 000,00 EUR
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Shaping attitudes of solidarity, responsibility, and social involvement among young people is a crucial task of schools and a mission of many social organizations. In this project, we wish to develop such a model of cooperation that will support both parties and local communities all around Poland.
Based on our experience and data available (CBOS: The Youth 2018, Klon/Jawor: Condition of the NGO sector, 2018), we have identified 3 challenges: lack of up-to-date diagnosis of cooperation between schools and organizations, difficulties while recruiting employees and volunteers in organizations, and a low level of knowledge about organizations among the youth.
Responding to such challenges, we plan 4 groups of activities.
We will check the cooperation between schools and organizations (18 schools, 10 organizations), whereas the report on the study will constitute a point of reference for the substantive part of further activities.
We will design and release a discussion card game for pupils, which will help them understand the essence of activities and objectives of NGOs.
We will develop the Code of Good Cooperation, promoting the cooperation between these entities. We will organize meetings, webinars, and training courses related to good cooperation for school staff as well as representatives of social organizations.
We will engage approx. 500 teachers from at least 200 secondary and post-secondary schools as well as approx. 100 representatives of social organizations.
The Center for Citizenship Education – project partner – provides valuable experience in working with the school environment and creating educational materials as well as tools and channels allowing them to reach schools, teachers, and headmasters. Norsensus Mediaforum, a Norwegian partner, will share with us good practices from Scandinavian countries in the area of cooperation of Norwegian schools and NGOs and share their expertise in the area of communication and storytelling.

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