We are at home – hoping for equality
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-02-2021 - 30-04-2023
Project cost:
83 500,00 EUR
75 000,00 EUR
Types of activities:
social actions and campaigns, information activities
Target groups:

The project responds to the increasing brutalisation of language and the rise of homophobic and transphobic sentiment in Poland. The years 2019-2020 have been particularly tough for LGBTQIA people due to the electoral calendar and the accompanying hate campaigns targeting LGBTQIA people. In parallel, at the local level, successive local governments adopted homophobic resolutions, introducing so-called ‘LGBT-free zones’. The dramatic situation of LGBTQIA people is confirmed by reports from the Fundamental Rights Agency. Those living in smaller towns are in a particularly difficult situation, as they have limited options for action and assistance.

As part of the project, the Project Promoter created an e-activism platform for and on behalf of the LGBTQIA community. It was developed in a participatory way, through focus-activist meetings and with the participation of various local LGBTQIA organisations. The milk.org.pl platform consists of a journalism module (columns, interviews, reports, coverage of queer activism) and a tools module with simple activist guides (e.g. how to organise a demonstration, how to communicate with the media, what advocacy is, how to prepare a petition). The launch of the platform was accompanied by an affirmative #SwallowActivism campaign to encourage local LGBTQIA and allied individuals to engage for change and to use the platform.

The project has created a repository of knowledge about LGBTQIA activism and a safer and braver space for the LGBTQIA community. It has succeeded in creating an affirming message that strengthens the LGBTQIA community, especially locally. Launching the platform in a year that begins an election marathon in Poland also provides additional communication opportunities in case of a possible hate campaign targeting the LGBTQIA community. The proprietary workshop programme, focusing on sharing knowledge and experience, gave those who participated empowerment and inspiration for further self-advocacy or community-building activities.

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