Woman’s Hands
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
31-12-2021 - 31-12-2021
Project cost:
22 800 EUR
22 140 EUR
Types of activities:
art activities, educational activities
Target groups:

According to the report from the Wrocław University “Wrocław Social Diagnosis 2017,” 46% of its citizens are active in civic affairs. Our experience points to the fact that 90% of civically active individuals are women. Meanwhile, Institute for Fiscal Studies, a British think tank, estimated that women are one third more vulnerable to the negative outcomes of the pandemic.

We would like to support, strengthen, appreciate, and integrate a group of women from Brochów (neighborhood in Wrocław) – a home to our organization. We will support both women that are engaged in civic matters, in danger of burning out, or overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities during the pandemic, as well as those who haven’t engaged in in activities for their local community up to this point. Participants will build a female community, providing each other support, while the broader community of our neighborhood will gain a group of strong leaders that know how to cooperate with each other. We will conduct a series of meetings with women and create a social media group to provide them with means of communication and experience-sharing platform. The forum will be established by our volunteers and other individuals actively involved in the life of our community. Using the word-of-mouth marketing strategy, we plan on recruiting women that have been passive up until now. Participants in our meetings will learn about voice projection, intuitive dance, assertive communication, and personal boundaries, as well as legal protections for workers, families, and personal bankruptcy. We will plan and implement a collaborative imitative for the citizens of Brochów. The online group will serve as our consultation hub that will help us pick our cause and the best course of action.

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