Words You Say Can Change the World
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Wola Batorska
Voivodeship (headquarters):
02-11-2021 - 04-03-2023
in progress
Project cost:
27 906,00 EUR
27 906,00 EUR
Types of activities:
measures to reduce social polarizationj, dialogue despite differences
Target groups:

According to the ‘Open Code for Hate-free Communication’ report in Poland, we experience hate speech in daily life more and more often, either in social media or when listening to people speaking in public. At the same time, hate speech fuels xenophobia, antisemitism and racism. Our observations show that the threat of the so-called filter bubbles (described, among others, by Eli Pariser) limiting results displayed during online searches only to content that consolidates our own beliefs, is growing. As a consequence, the lack of contact with contrasting opinions radicalises outlooks which leads to intolerance to different points of view. In reaction to the verdict of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal on abortion, we organised a dialogue circle to meet with people representing different opinions on the topic. Based on feedback obtained from participants, we know that it was a vital experience to them, building understanding between sides.
We believe this method to properly address increasing polarisation, creating an opportunity for a dialogue between people representing different views. This is why we will organise 5 nationwide dialogue circles for people with different opinions, to discuss crucial social issues. We will hold 7 organisational and consultative meetings for people representing different backgrounds. They will help us prepare circles, select topics, and recruit participants. Circle moderators will attend a cycle of meetings devoted to emotions, facilitation and their experience. We will organise a support network for circle participants ensuring individual assistance, giving them an opportunity to talk about intense emotions and communicational challenges. We would like 350 individuals to take part in discussion circles, to meet people representing different opinions, and to develop their empathetic communication skills.

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