Boundaries in theatre
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Academy of Theater Arts, Wrocław, Poland
Theatrical Managers Assosiation, Warszawa, Poland
Theatre Directors Guild of Poland, Warszawa, Poland
30-09-2021 - 30-09-2021
Project cost:
26 250 EUR
25 000 EUR
Types of activities:
information activities, training of professional groups
Target groups:

The project will raise awareness of human rights and equal treatment standards in Polish drama schools and theatre. Despite the disclosure of many cases of abuse, the Polish theater community still has not developed any rules that could counteract violence and reveal perpetrators.
Under the project, 11 workshops and a discussion panel will be held, aimed at almost 1000 people who have professional links with the theatre: students, lecturers, playwrights, and theatre theoreticians. The workshops will focus on human rights, gender equality standards in the Polish theatre and drama training, respect for the boundaries in the artistic process, and application of the law in practice. The workshops will help to develop new standards for the whole theater community.
The project will entail production of an e-publication summarizing the discussion, as well as an Artistic Process Charter of Rights and Guarantees – a proposal for anti-violence and anti-discrimination standards for drama schools and theaters. The Charter will be implemented in drama academies and theatres due to the involvement of the project Partners: the Wrocław school of the Kraków Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Theatre Arts, the Theatre Directors’ Association, and the Polish Theatre Directors’ Guild (wrocławska filia Akademii Sztuk Teatralnych im. Stanisława Wyspiańskiego w Krakowie, Stowarzyszenie Dyrektorów Teatrów, Gildia Polskich Reżyserów i Reżyserek Teatralnych). The Project Promoter will conduct advocacy activities to ensure that the Charter is adopted by as many schools and theaters as possible.
The effect of the project will be to increase the awareness of the existence of the problem of violence in the Polish theater, but also increase theatre artists’ knowledge of the law, and reduce the number of cases of abuse and harassment.

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