School of equality (SRT) 2021
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Psycho-Education Fundation, Warszawa, Poland
Institute of Social Safety, Warszawa, Poland
01-10-2021 - 31-01-2023
in progess
Project cost:
68 743,00 EUR
68 743,00 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, counteracting hate speechi
Target groups:
youth, teachers, children

The scale of peer-to-peer violence, including verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, bullying and trolling, is alarming – it is experienced by almost half of pupils in Poland. The political and media hate campaign targeting LGBT+ people and the pandemic have exacerbated the problem and deepened social polarization. Meanwhile, schools are unable to cope with peer-to-peer violence and radicalization of young people; they do not conduct pre-emptive awareness activities, although the wellbeing and safety of pupils is their responsibility, while they do not have the relevant competencies and knowledge.
Teachers will attend a series of sessions on discrimination and psychoeducation to train them to conduct equality measures. Also, the participants will receive one-on-one tutoring and psychological support. Finally, they will produce and implement discrimination prevention projects in thirty schools, involving pupils and local institutions, etc. The Project Promoter will also produce a publication with best practices, recommendations for schools, and proposed institutional solutions at local level.
Primarily, teachers all over Poland, especially in small towns, will benefit. They will improve their competencies with respect to identifying radicalism, influencing pupils’ attitudes, and supporting people who are abused; they will also be more confident as leaders of courageous social change. The project is indirectly intended for pupils – their schools will become more friendly and safer.
The partners will share their expertise in the form of consultations and care for the psychological wellbeing of participants (Psycho-Education Foundation) and training on combating extremism and radicalization (Public Safety Institute Foundation).

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