The Support Network for Civic Initiatives for Climate
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
31-07-2022 - 31-07-2022
in progress
Project cost:
56 520 EUR
56 520 EUR
Types of activities:
activities to activate local communities (animation), educational activities, information activities, environmental protection activities, advocacy activities, networking
Target groups:
activists / community leaders, local community

According to the research from Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, worsening freshwater deficit constitutes a major problem. It is identified as one of the results of the changing climate. According to the data from the, around 90% of Polish cities do not retain water, which could be done through creation of more green areas that work as retention systems or building designated rainwater retention systems. According to the Transgea project, the number of people interested in taking action to mitigate the climate change is growing, and 64% of Poles believes that adaptive actions and initiatives in their towns serve as an effective way of activating the local community and introducing changes on a national level.

We will conduct trainings for leaders involved with participating NGOs and informal groups from that area ready to implement initiatives related to green/blue infrastructure in their towns from Lower Silesia and Opolskie Voivodeships; areas that in the recent years have been particularly exposed to drought dangers. The trainings will increase their competences in combating climate change, building local partnerships and including different social groups into a debate. We will support these individuals in organizing debates for their local communities to educate and discuss ideas for possible countermeasures. Trained leaders will implement seven of the chosen initiatives together with the local communities. We will create a green-blue network of support for climate that will work towards preparing cities and towns to adapt to the climate change. The network will collaborate with local governments from both voivodeships, encouraging them to take proactive actions.

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