Call for thematic projects – how to draw up the communication plan (webinar and guide)
26 June 2020

How can a project be promoted successfully? What requirements are specified in the “Applicant and Project Promoter Manual/Podręcznik dla Wnioskodawców i Grantobiorców”? How should the communication plan (appendix to the detailed project) be drawn up? The answers to these questions are provided in the video of the webinar of 10 July 2020.

Answers to questions raised by participants in the webinar are posted here odpowiedzi na pytania.

The presentation made at the meeting can be viewed here prezentacja.

We also recommend “Active promotion. A brief guide for Applicants  – call for thematic projects/Aktywna promocja. Krótki poradnik dla Wnioskodawców – konkurs na projekty tematyczne”. This is recommended in particular for organizations that do not have very much experience in promoting their activities or implementing projects. The guide is written in plain language, and takes the Applicant through the process of producing the communication plan step by step.

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