Capacity building – awareness series (webinars and a workshop)
17 July 2020

We recommend the awareness series videos on capacity building. Every Applicant can apply for an additional grant that can be used in full for capacity building, i.e. strengthening and developing an organization, building sound foundations for further operations, creating long-term plans for financing and operations, and improving the performance and management of the organization. For more on capacity building, click HERE.

  1. Webinar video How to diagnose your organization’s needs/Jak diagnozować potrzeby swojej organizacji?(Polish sign language translation provided) of 7 July 2020.

  1. Video of an excerpt from the online workshop “Basic principles for planning capacity building/Podstawowe zasady planowania rozwoju organizacyjnego”(Polish sign language translation provided) of 9 July 2020. The excerpt provided gives tips on how to describe development needs in the grant application.

    1. Webinar video “Strategic and operational dilemmas, i.e. what else should be borne in mind when devising the capacity building plan/Strategiczne i operacyjne dylematy, czyli na co jeszcze warto zwrócić uwagę przygotowując plan rozwoju”(Polish sign language translation provided), addressing the practical issues raised by participants of the webinar concerning diagnosis and the online workshop. The webinar was held on 14 July 2020.

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