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empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Foundation Interaction, Kraków, Poland
01-01-2022 - 31-12-2023
in progess
Project cost:
36 844,00 EUR
24 999,00 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, counselling
Target groups:
LGBT+, relatives

According to UN estimates, approximately 1.7% of the population have intersex traits. In Poland as well, one in fifty people have intersex traits, i.e. they are born with bodily characteristics that do not correspond to social or medical definitions of typical male or female bodies. Stigmatization of intersex traits causes isolation, loneliness, and mental problems. Young intersex people and their parents are left without psychosocial support. According to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, 62% of intersex people have experienced discrimination in at least one area of life in the last twelve months. Working with the Polish population has shown that some LGBT organizations include inter in their activities while in reality most of the needs of intersex people and those close to them are not met.
This project addresses the need to empower intersex people networks and increase the level of their equality.
We will operate online support groups for intersex people and parents; we will start annual meetings for them, attended by experts (female psychologists and sexologists, friendly physicians, human rights activists) and produce awareness packs. We will produce twelve podcasts on stages of psychosexual development featuring female sexologists and therapists. We will hold workshops for psychologists and two webinars for education specialists and teachers and for people who work on confidential helplines
This will increase the number of people in the support network to 70, the level of knowledge among intersex people and those close to them, and awareness and competencies of professional groups working with inter people.
Intersex people and those close to them, and representatives of professional groups in contact with intersex people, will participate.
The partner Fundacja Interakcja will be responsible for producing teaching materials, workshops, webinars, and podcasts.

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