Call for proposals for sectoral monitoring and advocacy projects

The Stefan Batory Foundation, in a consortium with the Stocznia Foundation and the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation, invites to submit calls for proposals for sectoral monitoring and advocacy projects within the framework of the Active Citizens Fund – National programme, financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The following activities are eligible for financial support:

  • monitoring the development and application of laws and public policies which affect the functioning of social organizations and civic movements,


  • advocacy of rights and interests aimed at improving conditions for the activities of social organizations and civic movements.

Sectoral monitoring and advocacy projects must contribute to the achievement of the Outcome 4 of the Program “Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society organisations and the sector“. The planned results of the Program are listed on the website

The funds allocated to grants in the call for sectoral monitoring and advocacy projects amount to EUR 700,000.00. They may be increased by funds not used in the first call for sectoral projects held from 6 May 2020 till 5 January 2021.

Grants can be applied for under the following conditions:

  • minimum grant amount: EUR 25 000,
  • maximum grant amount: EUR 125 000,
  • implementation period: from 12 to 30 months,
  • optional co-financing.

Applications must be submitted via the Online Application System

Call for proposals – English version (full text). 

Results of the call for sectoral projects

All Applicants have access to the assessment sheets of their applications through the Online Application System.

Organizations that have not received funding may apply for a grant in a second call for sectoral  projects, which will be announced this month and will be dedicated to projects concerning monitoring or advocacy activities.

More details and the results list are available HERE.

Bilateral and regional cooperation – online meetings

7.12 am from 12-13.30 pm on cooperation with Belarusian organisations and support for immigrants/teachers from Belarus (in Polish)

8.12 am 10-11.30 pm on deradicalisation, dialogue over divisions and prevention of hate crimes – inspirations from Norway (in English)

8.12 am from 12.00 to 13.30 pm on women’s rights (including advocacy initiatives) – inspirations from Iceland and Liechtenstein (in English)

11.12 am from 12.00 to 13.30 pm on grassroots/local initiatives to support communities (including vulnarable groups) during a pandemic – inspirations from Norway (in English)

We also offer support in searching for a partner and organizing the first ice-breaking meeting – more:

Second call for thematic projects

A consortium of the Stefan Batory Foundation, the “Shipyard” Foundation and the Academia of Civic Organisations Foundation issues the second call for thematic projects in the Active Citizens Fund – National, financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (EEA Grants).

The amounts allocated to particular support areas are:

  • Area 1: civic participation in public affairs and social activities: EUR 4 500 000, increased by unused funds from the first call,
  • Area 2: protection of human rights and equal treatment: EUR 2 985 000, increased by unused funds from the first call,
  • Area 3: empowerment of vulnerable groups: EUR 2 970 000, increased by unused funds from the first call.

The envisaged results of the Programme and particular areas for which support is provided are listed on the Programme website:

There are two types of grants available in the call for proposals:

Small grants:

  • Minimum grant: EUR 5 000
  • Maximum grant: EUR 25 000
  • Project implementation period: between 8 and 24 months
  • Co-financing: optional

Large grants:

  • Minimum grant: EUR 25 000
  • Maximum grant: 62 500 EUR
  • Project implementation period: od 8 do 24 months
  • Co-financing: optional.

Applications can be submitted via the Online Application System available at

Deadlines for applications:

  • Project outlines can be submitted between 7 December (from 9.00 am CET) and 11 January 2021 (up until 12.00 pm midday CEST).
  • Detailed projects can be submitted between 8 March 2021 (from 12.00 pm midday CEST) and 19 April 2021 (until 12.00 pm midday CEST).

Second call for thematic projects – full text 

All the documents relating to call II for thematic projects can be found HERE.

Join us for live information webinar on Friday, December 4th 2020 at 2 pm.

We also invite for a series of inspiring online meetings with foreign organisations which we organize between 7th and 11th of December.


Results of the first call for thematic projects

Increased citizen participation in civic activities

53 small grants for a total of  EUR 1 334 826

47 large grants for a total of EUR 3 131 431

 Increased support for human rights and antidiscrimination practices

25 small grants for a total of EUR 655 631

33 large grants for a total of EUR 2 316 742

 Increased empowerment of vulnerable groups

34 small grants for a total of EUR 870 710

31 large grants for a total of EUR 2 068 706

All Applicants have access to the assessment sheets of their applications after connecting the Application System to the Internet.

HERE are the details of the results presented according to supported areas (in small and large grants).

The Active Citizens Fund – Regional programme

The Active Citizens Fund – Regional programme is financed using EEA Financial Mechanism funds (EEA funds), from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

The programme will be implemented from 2020-2024 by a consortium made up of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy/Fundacja Rozwoju Demokracji Lokalnej (consortium leader), the Information Society Development Foundation/Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego, the Education for Democracy Foundation/Fundacja Edukacja dla Demokracji.

The aim of the programme is to enable long-term enhancement of social welfare organisations in Poland (in particular those that operate in small towns) and develop the civil society, for which social diversity, equality, and dialogue are of particular value.

Under the programme, CSOs will be able to apply for co-financing of projects in the following areas:

  1. Defending human rights (including gender equality issues).
  2. Measures to further social diversity and empowerment of vulnerable groups.
  3. Building a culture of democratic values and civil involvement at a local level (including environmental protection issues).
  4. Providing support for the social welfare sector.

In addition to the calls for projects, awareness-raising measures will also be conducted to improve the skills of persons connected with the social welfare sector.

The programme is officially scheduled to start in January 2021.

Programme Facebook page

The website for the Programme will be created at:

Results of stage I of the call for sectoral projects

277 applications did not attain a score making them eligible for the detailed project stage. 51 applications were found by experts not to be in line with the Programme objectives and the basic principles in the field “Support for development of the civic sector”, and thus were not assessed further.

Due to the low number of applications judged eligible for stage II and concerning activities relating to “Monitoring of formulation of the law and the practice of enforcing the law and public policies” and “Advocacy for rights and interests”, the Operator is considering launching a separate call for projects aimed solely at supporting sectoral monitoring and advocacy initiatives. Details will be published in a separate statement.

Detailed projects can be submitted from noon on Thursday 27 August 2020 until noon on Monday 26 October 2020.

All applicants submitting proposals for stage II are encouraged to make use of the content-related support provided by the Programme Operator. We have scheduled webinars, a special workshop, and publication of additional information packs. Detailed information will be posted regularly on our website and social media sites.

Tips for detailed projects in the call for thematic projects

Results of administrative assessment of the call for sectoral projects

Out of 395 applications submitted, 388 were accepted for the next stage, which is content-related assessment, of which one was accepted following an appeal. Six applications were found not to meet the administrative requirements, of which two were re-examined, and one was withdrawn. We recommend reviewing the LISTS/LISTY. The results of the expert assessments will be released by 25 August.